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What is a life coach all about?

When was the last time you remember truly investing in yourself?  How long have you been sitting on the back burner, putting yourself last?  Take a moment to reawaken your dreams and consider the reality of them coming true.

Think of us as bottle openers.  We are here to help you release your potential, improve your performance, and encourage the personal process of your self-discovery and self-love. 

Is there something in your life you want to change?  Maybe you struggle with no clear vision or mission? How sure do you feel about your purpose and gifts?  How secure do you feel about your place in the world? Are you lacking self-love or suffering from hero syndrome?  Age barriers, family commitments, time priorities, self-defeating patterns… everyone has an obstacle or three.  Are yours stopping you from living the life of your dreams?

Let us begin with what we are not:  We are not therapists or counselors, we are not health professionals, and we cannot diagnose you.  You see, therapists are problem-oriented; they are focused on the past and diagnosing problems based on deviations from societal norms (we should know, we both graduated with double majors in psychology and sociology).  Life coaches, on the other hand, are solution-oriented, focused on accountability in the present and future, improving performance and developing potential, and giving direction.

 So what do we do?  We take a look at your current reality and identify the challenges and obstacles yielding you from moving forward to your dreams and goals.  Think of us as healers on your team in the game of life, identifying the vulnerable spots in your foundation and empowering you to break through them to something stronger.  Turns out you’re the final Boss at the end.  We do not just help people who struggle with problems and success.  In fact, it is often successful people who see the value in coaching and the benefits it adds to their lives (i.e., Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Eric Schmidt).  Understand that the coaching process is so much more than just a venting session.  It is our own dedication to continuous learning, growth, and improvement that makes us who we are and defines our successes.  As your coaches, we will help you find solutions founded on a wide range of knowledge, experience, and training from our personal backgrounds in psychology, sociology, and spirituality.

Let us help you transform your life. We will create breakthroughs by smashing through your limiting beliefs and creating a world that is safe for you to heal and succeed in.  We will uplift you and encourage you in a non-judgmental and loving way, but we also will not sugarcoat anything.

 If you are ready to wake up every day committed to being better than who you were yesterday…. If you are prepared to do the work to be at the top of your game and in touch with your truest highest self… Only if you are committed to working hard for change…. Shoot us an email so we can coach you into creating a thriving flow of love, peace, and confidence.  The life of your most loving dreams is your birthright.  Are you ready to take inspired action and unleash the power within?

Life Coach Packages

 “Pity Party” Package - $25.00 a Session (online or in-person)

Sometimes we don’t need someone to help us, we just want to be listened to and maybe complain or cry a little bit.  Let your shadow self out to play.  This package buys you an hour of emotional validation with a bottomless cup of coffee or tea.  We will end with an invitation to our own twist of truth AND dare.  When you are done speaking your truth, we will dare you to dig deeper, if you feel ready.  The completion of this session includes a discount on your choice of all other packages. 


Neogenesis Package - $50.00 A Session (online or in-person)

Ready to unlock the doors of desire and success?  We have your keys.

Consultation (free) – Is coaching in your best interest? Are we the right fit? We will be using the I-CAN-DO Model to assess your overall aims and to determine client-coach compatibility.  I stands for investigate.  This means that we want you to investigate what is important to you and what you know about how we can help you.  Spend some time before our first coaching session thinking about you.  When this is done, send us an e-mail with your thoughts, your current situation briefly described, and state your overall aims in life.  To guide your thoughts, we will send you a chart.  This covers the areas in your life that we want you to consider, giving us a perspective of your priorities.  The completion of this chart will reveal much about you and our compatibility. If we are a good fit, we will design your healing package around setting and reaching your goals by identifying problems or obstacles that are standing in your way.

Spiritual Psychic Readings are designed to check your progress and see if you are on the track of reaching your goals. This will also bring up potential issues that you are not yet identifying within your shadow self.

Personalized Affirmations will be designed around your goals specifically.  (These in combination with chakra work are highly beneficial as words carry energy and can set our frequency.)

Check in Chats are best friend support designed to identify your thoughts and belief systems that you adopt or live your life by.   Beliefs are thoughts, thoughts become things and they create our reality.  Are you an active creator in your life?  We will look at how belief systems shape the choices we make in our everyday lives and how we can adopt ways of thinking that serve our highest good.

Guided Meditations intended to help you on a subconscious level.  Mindfulness meditation is commonly used to support mental health and decrease psychological stress.

Take-away assignments to support lessons learned and optimize personal development.


Rainbow Package - $75.00 A Session (online or in-person)

Includes Neogenesis Package as well as chakra work and reiki treatments.

Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel.  It refers to the powerhouses throughout the body that energy flows through.  There are seven major chakra points and many minor ones that are all connected to specific body systems.  These swirling vortexes work on a vibratory level and each one is connected to a specific frequency that aligns with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being. 

Reiki is a Japanese stress-reduction and relaxation technique that uses the laying of hands to promote healing.  It can be thought of as a "spiritually guided life force energy,” based on the belief that “life force energy” flows through each of us, causing us to be alive.  It is simple, natural, and safe.  The founder, Usui Mikao, lived by five reiki principles, claiming they were the “secret art of inviting happiness and the miraculous medicine of all diseases: Just for today, do not anger. Do not worry and be filled with gratitude.  Devote yourself to your work. Be kind to people. Every morning and evening, join your hands in prayer. Pray these words to your heart and chant these words with your mouth.”


Spellbound Package - $100.00 A Session (online or in-person)

Includes both Neogenesis and Rainbow Packages as well as spell work and a personalized spell kit.

This package is for those who understand the magic of the law of attraction.  Manipulate the energy of your life as the magician.  This is spirit coaching on a physical life level with a magical flair.  Be prepared to do mental and astral work designed to align with your goals with the assistance of the personalized spell kit created just for you.

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