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Past Life Regression House Parties

What is a Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regressions offer you an opportunity for self discovery and growth. By uncovering Past Life Memories, clients often will become aware of the karmic patterns and recurring challenges that they face lifetime after lifetime. Identifying and understanding the source of unwanted behaviors from a previous life can help eliminate the need for patterns that no longer serve them.

There are many benefits to exploring life after death. It is not uncommon for clients to identify the souls they have incarnated with over and over again. There are those who believe that some relationships allow for growth while others may hinder progress. Certain clients discover that they are repeating the same limiting behaviors, sometimes playing the part of the victim, and other times playing the part of the instigator. Learning how you were treated by others, and how others treated you, can in some instances shed light on your current life patterns and allow for evolution. In some instances, promises or agreements with other souls that no longer serve you can be released.

Gypsie who is a Spiritual Life Coach, and has many opportunities to help people uncover the secrets of their past lives, is now offering YOU the opportunity to have a Past Life Regression FREE! How?

Host a Past Life Regression Home Party! You as the host will receive your regression for free. Snag 5 to 10 friends that are smart enough to know this is a steal for $20.00 a person! Add some chip and dip and you have a party!

Contact me below to set up your party today!

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Each time we do a past life regression, these regressions are centered around healing. These past life regressions will be centered around visiting the lifetimes that did not resolve their purpose in that lifetime, and what baggage we may have brought with us to this life time. We will take the time to heal those issues.

Past Life Regressions currently scheduled at
The Escape Ranch
Jan 23 2018
Sep 15 2018
Dec 15 2018