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     Spiritual Relaxation

Spirit Quest 2019


            Greetings and welcome to The Escape Ranch fourth annual event Spirit Quest! We are honored that you may be vending with us or performing something exciting! 

            We ask that you please donate one item to our silent auction. Funds raised from our event go back into making future events for our community a better place. There are no stipulations to what this item can be. Please only donate what your heart is OK with donating to our community.

            We have limited access to power where the vendors are, however with enough cords we can provide power to some that need it. You may wish to bring any extension cords you have to assist in this if you are one that would like to have power at your vending space.

            We encourage you to host a workshop if you would like. We are all experts on something, and this event is centered around healing. If you have a workshop you would like to do that fits into our theme, please let us know. Also, if you have a special gift that you would like to share with us, such as fire spinning, singing, dancing, etc. we would love to put you on the schedule!

            We run an animal retirement rescue ranch, so we ask that you not bring any pets with you unless you have a service pet that needs to be with you. If that is the case, we will make the accommodations to accommodate you. We are just trying to ensure the safety of all animals on the property.

            Vendor fees are $40.00. You can pay this at

please share our event with your friends and family. If you have any friends that may wish to vend, please send them our way! Thank you and have a wonderful day!



Vendors Application

  1. Legal name _______________________________________________________________
  2. Mailing Address___________________________________________________________
  3. Email_______________________________Phone________________________________
  4. Name you prefer to be called if different from your legal name_______________________
  5. Name of your business_______________________________________________________
  6. What will you be vending? ____________________________________________________
  7. What item will you donate to our silent auction? ___________________________________
  8. Will you be using tents? ______________    If yes, how many? _______________________
  9. Tent sizes_________________________________________________________________
  10. What size space do you need? _________________________________________________
  11. Do you require power for anything? ____________________________________________
  12. Would you like to host a workshop?________If yes, what topic?_____________________
  13. Do you have any talents you would like to share with us? ex. Fire spinning, singing, etc. ____
  14. If yes, what talent would that be? ______________________________________________
  15. Do you have any special needs we need to be aware of? ____________________________
  16. How many people will be attending with you? ____________________________________
  17.  Will you be purchasing a meal plan? ___________________________________________
  18.  Vendors fees are $40.00. you will find the link to pay at  Have you paid  your fee yet? _________ When do anticipate payment? ___________

Please copy and paste this and email to [email protected]