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Spiritual Readings

Psychic Medium
Gypsie Dawn

Gypsie is one of the most accurate readers this world has ever seen! She has been reading cards professionally online for people all over the world.  There is no sugar coating; just straight honest answers.

$40.00 In Person

$30.00 Online

Divine Duo

Divine Duo offers a detailed reading of what needs to be healed in your life, what baggage you carry from your past. What the future holds and any messages from the other side. Blended between the unique styles of both Krista and Gypsie.

$50.00 In Person
$40.00 Online

What Krista Has......

Sun Sign Gemini, Moon Sign Pisces, Rising Aquarius, INFP, Highly Sensitive Person. 
Open mind, open heart, dedicated to healing, feeling, and diving deep into your self-love and recovery.

$40.00 In Person
$30.00 Online