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May 4 - 6 2018

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August 31 - September 3 2018

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Astronomy and Crocheting Classes

The Astronomy of Astrology: Mercury is in Retrograde!?!?! ACk?!?! But what does that physically mean? How are sun signs determined, what’s the reason for moon phases….. Come check out a fun and informative discussion about the Astronomical phenomena that coincide with Astrological phenomena. Plus, some bonus star viewing tips!

$40.00 for the whole course or just $10.00 per class!

Debra L. Burris PhD, professors of Physics and Astronomy, researches the wondrous phenomena of stellar evolution, focusing on the astrophysical origins of the “star dust” of which we are all made. Additionally, she mentors a student project on the astronomical significance of the rock art of the Mississippian era Native Americans. Her other areas of interest include Meteorology and Geology. Debra is also an elder in the Georgian Tradition of Wicca as well as a practitioner of Hillfolk Hoodoo. She has presented on connections of Astronomy and Astrology and the Science of Weather Lore at conferences across the South including United Earth Assembly, Sacred Journey, Prairie Meet and Mystic South. She was also a review on Byron Ballard’s most recent publication. A 3rd Generation farmer, Debra raises cattle, horses, rabbits and heritage poultry. She is also a haven to a variety of rescue animals including miniature horses and donkeys, dogs and cats. The mission of Buckthorn Farms includes preserving heritage livestock breeds and homesteading skills. Her ultimate goal is to start an educational non-profit supporting this mission at her farm. You can hear about all her adventures on her Youtube podcast Diary of a Physicist Farmgal.

Learn the basic crocheting techniques from a long time crocheter. This four week course will teach you basic stitches, patterns and techniques.

$40.00 for the whole course or just $10.00 per class. Some materials will be provided for you.


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