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What Krista Has.....

Self-love. Confidence. Compassion. Intuition. Empathy. Positivity. Recovery. Endless Energy. Unwavering Spirituality. Divine Guidance and Healing.

Where ever I go, people tell me that they want whatever it is I have. A vegan lifestyle isn't what they typically expect. A bipolar diagnosis usually is not on their radar. Escaping abusive relationships with a boy and myself is hard for them to imagine. Social anxiety, self-harm, eating and personality disorders, coming out of the bi-squared broom closet... these are all pieces of my puzzle that I worked through to create the masterpiece of a life I have now. 

Rock bottom, I've been there. Given up, I've done that. 

 But Now? 
- well, a picture can say it all -
From doom and gloom to graduating Arkansas Tech University with honors all while fiercely honoring my inner goddess, I have come to embrace my personal power.  It was sitting there at rock bottom waiting for me the whole time.   Allow me to teach you.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Tarot, Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Journaling, Affirmations, my personalized exercise routine "Gentle Fitness," ~SELF-LOVE!!!~ 
These are just some of my recovery tools, many learned from my years of education in psychology, sociology, anthropology, and criminal justice.  I have not hit rock bottom in a long time. I have combined elements from all of these fields and practices to create a way of life that opens us up to peace, happiness, and our greatest good based on a foundation of self-love and recovery.  I have (begrudgingly at first, with laughter now) learned that this foundation is easiest to rebuild at rock bottom.  The more I became my own best friend, (it takes just as much effort as being your own worse enemy), the more other people wanted to befriend me.  The more I loved myself, the more love the universe sent my way.  Happiness, soul burning connection, and gratitude became as simple as a choice.  Loneliness is so often an indicator of our own poor relationship with self.   All it takes is a change of mind.  Change your perspective, change your world.  Take your power back.  Be bold.  I did it for myself and I want to help you do it too. I am a real and authentic person who will help you reach your full potential through the brain power of neuroplasticity. radical acceptance, self-love, and the security of knowing you are not alone. 

Perhaps you are interested in a personal and unique spiritual coaching program. Daily, weekly, monthly, you set the pace. We start with a tarot reading that will reveal what is going on in your world and what the universe or your higher power wants you to know.   I use the cards as a psychological tool to help you identify archetypes, sub-selves (the wounded children within), and themes that have been and continue to direct your life. Once we have confirmed a connection, we will look into what your shadow self is trying to reveal to you so that you may begin healing. We will discover your strengths and how you can start leading with them and dive deep into the power that is found at the bottom of your vulnerability. Personalized affirmations and self-love rituals can be prescribed.  We will create more room for spiritual growth as you understand more about energy, healing, and manifesting. Reiki can be added to the reading over distance or in-person. I also offer a workshop on my approach to exercise: Gentleness™ - gentle fitness, for those of us who want to be healthy but are convinced we don't have time. Of course, the package can and will be personalized to your specific needs.

Maybe a psychologically driven, spiritually focused, psychic coaching session doesn't jive with ya though? Just need some quick insight? I'm your person, loaded with different tarot spreads and decks for your every question and perspectives to offer. Let me help you find the answers you are seeking.
Coaching: $50 a session
Multiple detailed readings for maximum clarification, personalized affirmations, self-love and recovery plans/exercises, Reiki healing (distance or in-person), unconditional love and guidance, best friend support (texting and emailing at your fingertips), and spirit coaching! You won't find this deal (or ME) anywhere else.
  • Affirmation of the Day: $1
Choose your deck and get your affirmation plus an interpretation!
  • Daily Card Draw: $5
What you can expect today with a bonus power affirmation to reclaim your power!
  • Daily Spread: $15 (five card spread)
    What's in the works, home, and unexpected, as well as your role and outcome today
  1. Week at a Glance: $20
    Your upcoming week: challenges, blessings, and daily affirmations.
    Don't be caught by surprise this week!
  1. Question and Answer: $25
    You ask, I answer. Easy peasy. 
  1. Detailed Spread: $30 online
  2. Detailed Spread $40 in person
    All the information with a spread of your choice or my personalized Celtic cross!

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