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Attention Moon Glow Sisters!

Join us for our monthly magical moon time where we will honor your sacred feminine divine. Many, many moons ago, our grandmothers and their grandmothers and generations of women before us gathered during the dark moon to honor the sacred flow of life. The moon lodge was a holy place to respect their monthly menstrual cycles; this was the only key required for entry into the retreat.

Before artificial lighting, women would menstruate in cycle with the moon, ovulating in response to the light of the full moon and then bleeding during the dark phase.

Our gathering follows the same intention as the red tents of the past. Though physically menstruating is not required, we still honor the concept of dark time for renewal. Young women wondered about the secrets of the moon lodge and they excitedly looked forward to the time and moon they could enter.  Their first menstrual cycle was to be celebrated and cherished as a gift, not a curse. This rite of wild-womanhood passage would be a ceremony passed down to their daughters and grand daughters.

Inside the moon lodge was a safe haven for women to relax and be themselves while sharing in the timeless wisdom handed down through the ages. Dreams were woven, secrets were told, and all parts of female creation were accepted without judgement. Children and families were cared for by those outside of the moon lodge and women emerged feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Expect to feel invigorated by the sisterhood borne between you and your blood sisters. It has been said that in the dark we become presences more than people. Come meditate, heal, celebrate, socialize, rest, honor and receive knowledge, together with your sisters.

This is a gathering that celebrates the diversities of women; all traditions and beliefs are welcome.


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Join us on one or more of these Moon lodges.

Each Moon Lodge is held on Satur-evening. We gather for the entire evening, to talk, create ritual, meditate, share wisdom, tell stories, pray, connect to the earth, and honor each other.

Each moon has a theme an according to the moon we will include different meditations, rituals, chants, and activities.

By forming circles at each moon lodge, we are reclaiming our mysteries  our blood our power and each other.

It is also simply a great time to meet with the Divine and build community!

Limited Seating!